Milan recommended restaurants

Milan is an hectic city where you can find great restaurants but it’s not easy to find them. Since you probably don’t have time to try all of them like I try to do here is my short list:

  • Shambala $$$ Asian Fusion, located and outskirt of Milan south
  • Osteria Quintosole, traditional Lumbardy cuisine, $$
  • Trattoria Toscana, Tuscan cuisine with bar in Navigli area $$
  • Non solo lesso, Milanese cuisine, boiled meat specials, $$
  • Osteria Conchetta, Milanese, Risotto alla Milanese special, $$$
  • Nordic Grill, northern European feeling and Italian cuisine finely joined, $$ Milan central area.
  • French diner in the center of Milan, Pourquoi Pas? in Corso Garibaldi

Asian Fusion Restaurant in Milan

Vietnamese and Thai flavours rs are blended in various shades of taste at Shambala Restaurant in Milan. The atmosphere is exotic and welcoming, you can eat seating on pillows or at tables. The food quality is generally excellent and the price is generally under 100 Euros for 2 people including a bottle of wine. The restaurant almost at the south city limit, 6 km (4 miles) from the duomo, about 15 minutes drive from the centre. The best way to get there is to take a taxi (+39 02 4040 or +39 02 8585). The restaurant itself is not easy to see from the street but it’s right there.
Telephone: +39 02 5520194
Address: Via Ripamonti 337 Milano.

Traditional Lumbardy Cuisine at Osteria del Quintosole, Italian, Milan

Osteria del Quintosole
Quitosole is a traditional italian restaurant located in the south limit of the city of Milan. It is located in a ex farm house and it has also a separate cantina (wine warehouse) with a selection of Italian wines to drink on the spot or to take away. The menu changes by season in order to adapt it to the right season of the ingredients that are locally grown. You can choose your dishes from the menu a la carte or you can choose the tasting manu which we thought was rich of flavor and generous portions. The tasting menu is in general a good choice to try a little bit of everything and the price is reasonable. Also the ambience is soft and feels natural and sort of old fashion.
Telephone: …
Address …
Website ..

Tuscan trendy trattoria with Bar and Apero in the Navigli area of Milan: Trattoria Toscana

Trattoria toscana

The trattoria toscana is a tuscan restaurant but it’s also a fun place where you can enjoy an aperitivo (pre dinner drink with some food included in the price) in a happy atmosphere. The food is simple and generally good, but the reason to stop by at Trattoria Toscana is to experience the ambiance and the atmosphere. Another advantage is that it is located between the colonne di san lorenzo and the navigli which makes it a perfect spot to start or end your night. The kitchen is open until late therefore you can enjoy a walk and then stop for dinner or viceversa.
Address Corso di Porta Ticinese 58, Milano
Telephone: +39 0289406292
Website: (italian only)

Open from Monday to saturday from 7:00 PM to 02:00 AM The kitchen is open from 7:00 PM to 01:00 AM

Le scimmie

Le scimmie (the monkeys) is one of the most iconic restaurants-bar in Milan. Born a jazz club where you can enjoy good live italian and international music. Le scimmie is now also a restaurants and the customers of the restaurants can book tables in the concert room, the kitchen is open from 8 PM to 2:00 AM. It is locate on the naviglio pavese, one of the two canals that make the navigli area. It’s in walking distance from the subway P.ta Genova on the green line and it’s 10 minutes taxi from the Duomo square, although on a Saturday night can take a bit longer vecause of the traffic.
Address: Via Ascanio Sforza, 49
Telephone: +39 02 89402874.
Concerts start at 22:00 circa Website: (Italian only)

Typical boiled meat served with herbs sauces (salsa): Non solo lesso (not just lesso)

Non solo lesso is a little restaurant not far from the centre, it’s in the area of porta venezia (red line). It offers traditional local dishes such as boiled meats which are served with a selection of sauces and mustrard. The starters are self service and included in the price of the main course at lunch time. You can fill u your plate with the starters on the long central table after you have been seated you. The starters are made of a selction of vegetables griled, raw and sauteed, the fact that you help yourself to a nice plate of startes will make it up for the service that is generally slow at peak time. The place is small so you should book or get there around 12:30 for lunch and 19:30 for dinner.
Telephone: +39 02 36533440
Address: via Broggi 13, Milano. The entrance is on via Redi on the corner with via Jan.
Website: (italian only)

Osteria Conchetta, authentic Milanese cuisine in the Navigli area of Milan.

Osteria Conchetta is a traditional Milanese restaurant with a chic atmosphere. The food is tasty and the portions are satisfactory. The prices are adeguate to the quality of food, service and ambience.

The speciality here is the risotto alla milanese which is a rice dish cooked in a pan with saffron, butter, shallots or onion and grated parmesan cheese. The milanese version of the Parmesan cheese is Grana Padano.

Nordic Grill, European and Italian cuisine

This recently opened restaurant it’s a very good choice if you want some Italian flavours but you already had enough and you want a fresh “perspective”. It’s located in the central area near Sant’Agostino Metro stop. Good for both meat and fish. The atmosphere is elegant but not formal.

Pourquoi Pas

Pourquois Pas is a French Bistrot in the center of Milan, it’s located in Corso Garibaldi, one of the most interesting streets for #nightlife in Milan.

Pourquoi Pas French Restaurant in Milan, Corso Garibaldi

Easy going and tasty, La Prosciutteria, is a very relaxed place for some snacks before dinner or lunch time. Good wine and Tuscan food is served at the highest quality.

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