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5 best things to do in Sicily 2022

In the last 3 year I went to Sicily on holiday for at least a week every year. My preferred area is the between Siracusa and Marzamemi. But this year I’m going to change and visit San Vito Lo Capo.

What I love about Ortigia is the cultural experience of Sicily mixed with the possibility to reach some beautiful beaches and other nearby places for a day trip.

5 things to do in Siracusa / Ortigia:

  • Visit the historical Roman theatre and open air museum
  • Visit the second world war refuge and Jewish bath
  • Have a granita with brioche for breakfast in a coffee bar
  • Have an aperitif along the seaside at sunset and dinner in the market area
  • Visit and enjoy nice walks in the center and along the coast
  • Rent a boat at Marzamemi yacht club and explore the coast

How to get to Sicily

🛬 You can fly to the Catania airport and rent a car from the airport. Or you can drive 🚙 down from Rome on the A1 motorway and then catch the ⛴ ferry to cross the stretto di Messina.

5 things to see in Sicily

  1. See the ancient Greek temples in Valle dei Templi near Agrigento
  2. Climb up the Etna or organise a visit with a tour guide
  3. Visit the natural park: Riserva dello zingaro
  4. Visit la scalinata dei Turchi near Agrigento
  5. Visit Ortigia and the Roman ancient city: Neapolis
Pane corzato - Sicilian sandwich with custom filling
The pane corzato is a type of sandwich typical from Sicily. You can choose the filling for example cured meats and vegetables like tomatos, mushrooms, chili peppers.

Made-to-measure sandals in Ortigia

In the center of Ortigia, Sicily, there is a little shop where they make sandals custom made e made to measure.

The food market in Ortigia

Visit the food market in the morning to get fresh fish and vegetables or at night for fresh fish exquisite dining experience. Booking is required in high season such as August

When is the best time to go to Sicily?

The best time to go to Sicily is late spring – beginning of summer. The weather is sunny and hot, still quite fresh at night and the island is not to crowded. July and August are also good months to go, but the weather might get too hot and the island very crowded.

Traditional Sicilian food

Sicilian food offers a good variety of dishes thanks to the mix of cultures that characterises the island. Influences from Greece, Morocco, Spain, France and also from the northern Europe.

The traditional ingredients like pistacios (pronounced /pistakio/ in Italian), cherry tomatoes, fish and oranges are very present in the recipes.

The influence from africa and asia is very evident in the the richness of the desserts and sweets: cannolo siciliano with ricotta e mandorle (picture below), granita (ice frappe) with brioche, marzapane, biscotti alla mandorla. You can find all these delicatessen on the markets or in coffee bars for breakfast.

Dining in Sicily

If you like fish you will enjoy Sicily even more. From shellfish to swordfish, raw or cooked, you will find a wide range of choice to meet your taste and expectaions.

Mixed seafood platter and the market district in Ortigia, Syracuse
Mixed seafood platter and the market district in Ortigia, Syracuse

Visit the Roman city remaining of Syracuse

If you visit Ortigia it’s worth going to visit the ancient Roman town of Syracuse. It’s like a little Pompeii even if it’s much smaller. There you will find the circus (picture below) but also the ancient rock caves and the ancient theatre.

Syracuse ancient Roman town
The remains of the circus of Syracuse in the ancient Roman town of Syracuse Neapolis whoch means new town in greek

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